Jui-Hsien Wang

Research Engineer
Adobe Research, Seattle

Email: juiwang at adobe dot com
Office: 801 N 34th St, Seattle, WA
About me

I am a full-time researcher at Adobe since 2020. I received my Ph.D. in computational mathematics at Stanford University, where I was advised by Doug James. I have two M.S. degrees from UCSD (2013) and Cornell (2015), and a B.S. from National Taiwan University (2009).

My research interest lies broadly in computer graphics, vision, audio, and high performance computing. I have worked on problems in physics-based sound simulation, computer animation, holography, spatial audio, and more recently on video understanding and processing.

Internship: I am looking for motivated students. If you are interested, please reach out!

There is no correct pronunciation in English for my name (王睿賢). "Ray" is a close approximation for "Jui", and is what I go by (I still spell it as Jui). If you'd like to try to pronounce the syllables after the hyphen, try it with a silent "H". Here is how I usually pronounce my first name in English (tones are removed because English is not a tonal language):


  • Jun 21 2022: Our paper MonoTrack was presented today at CVPR and received the runner-up for best paper award in the session!
  • May 21 2022: MonoTrack is selected as oral presentation for CVSports@CVPR.
  • Apr 29 2022: 1 paper accepted to CVPR Sports workshop!
  • Aug 24 2021: Congrats to Doug on getting the Computer Graphics Achievement Award at SIGGRAPH 2021! link
  • Jun 28 2021: My work on physics-based layout transform was released as the feature "Collision Transforms" last week in the new Adobe Substance 3D software package! Exciting!

Unpublished Work / Projects

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